To install LangSearch, please use pip.

pip install langsearch

This basic installation will allow you to use the GenericTextPipeline (which can index documents with text/* MIME type) and the GenericOtherPipeline (which can index everything that Apache Tika can handle).

To use other pipelines provided by LangSearch, please install the corresponding optional dependencies.

pip install langsearch[audio]  # Downloads dependencies for GenericAudioPipeline (for indexing audio data)
pip install langsearch[image]  # Downloads dependencies for GenericImagePipeline (for indexing image data)
pip install langsearch[extras]  # Downloads dependencies for LangSearch pipelines that are not a part of any generic pipelines
pip install langsearch[all]  # Installs all dependencies

The GenericAudioPipeline also requires ffmpeg installed at the system level.